“4/20” Marijuana Use Crackdown Planned at University of Colorado, Boulder

Law enforcement officers at the University of Colorado, Boulder are preparing to hand out $100 fines and possibly place students in a position for further penalties if they are caught using marijuana illegally during the informal “4/20 smokeout” celebration planned on April 20, 2012. Students may be arrested and will have their names included in the campus police’s daily online crime log.

police_866753.jpgStudents are planning to celebrate the day by hosting a free concert by musician Wyclef Jean. Using marijuana is not required to participate in the festivities; in fact, recreational use remains against the law in Colorado. Police say that their intentions to enforce Colorado’s marijuana laws are intended to protect the reputation of the university as well as the safety of the campus and surrounding communities. Police also plan to strictly enforce the university’s parking rules, since many visitors are expected to show up for the event.

Colorado has found itself on the front lines of the national marijuana-use debate in recent years. The state has legalized medical marijuana use, and a Colorado ballot proposal will appear this fall that would decriminalize all personal uses of the drug and allow the state to regulate it as it does alcohol, cigarettes, and other legal substances. Until that time, however, those who use marijuana recreationally may face serious consequences.

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