Adams County, Colorado Sheriff Seeks to Expand Crime Lab

microscope-lab-16548241.jpgCrime lab expansions have been on the agenda in several Colorado counties recently, as law enforcement departments seek better access to the tools and expertise needed to analyze evidence from potential crime scenes. Now, Adams County is seeking to expand its crime lab.

According to an article at Our Colorado News, the sheriff of Adams County recently offered a proposal to the Adams County commissioners for four new lab spaces to handle specialized types of evidence. The spaces would be devoted to tool marks, ballistics, and DNA evidence. The cost of the project is estimated at $130,000 to $750,000, depending on the equipment the county purchases and how many new technicians are hired to analyze evidence.

Currently, Adams County sends tool mark and ballistics evidence to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation for testing. The state has not typically charged the county to perform this testing, but concerns that the state may begin charging have prompted Adams County and other Colorado counties to look into analyzing their own evidence at a lower cost. According to the Adams County sheriff, an expansion is needed because the county’s current crime lab is already overrunning its current space.

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