Alarming Number of Repeat DUI Offenders in Basalt

Police research shows that roughly half of the drivers arrested by police for driving under the influence of alcohol in 2009 were repeat offenders. Last year, Basalt police officers made 74 DUI arrests. Of these arrests, the agency was able to track down the records of 46 of those arrested and convicted, 25 of which had a prior DUI arrest in Colorado.

The police were unable to obtain the driving histories of the remaining 28 arrestees as they were from out of state and natives of other countries, predominantly Latino. The report also indicates that Basalt’s percentage of repeat DUI offenders is higher than the state average.

In the wake of these results, some argue for harsher DUI penalties, providing a stronger deterrent to potential offenders. Some Colorado lawmakers would like to pass a bill requiring a mandatory jail sentence for repeat offenders. This would make two or more DUI convictions a felony. Others argue that the state does not have the money to house thousands of additional inmates convicted of DUIs.

More DUI deterrents are emerging. Courts are often requiring people who have been previously convicted of DUI to install an ignition interlock system in their vehicle. This system obliges the driver to blow into a device, measuring the amount of alcohol on their breath before the ignition starts. The courts are also beginning to require increased amounts of alcohol treatment and education following DUI convictions.

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