Alleged Eagle-Vail Serial Burglar Arrested After Police Use Facebook to Find Him

The Denver Post reports the story of a man who was recently arrested and believed to be an alleged serial burglar by Eagle County police, who used Facebook to help them find and then arrest the man.

Using the man’s Facebook friends, police were able to trace him to Boulder, where he was celebrating the New Year holiday. On the popular social networking site, users are able to restrict access to their list of friends, which includes their names and the ability to contact them. However, the man did not set those privacy controls, which allowed police to contact the man’s 120 online friends, and warned them not to shelter him. They also asked that if anyone knew of his whereabouts to contact them, and many of the man’s friends responded with tips, and one friend reported recently seeing him.

Now the man is in the Eagle County jail, held without bond. He is accused of breaking into at least four homes in Eagle-Vail, where he allegedly stole computers, various electronics, jewelry, and prescription medications. He is also being investigated for more than seven felony crimes in Colorado, including theft, identity theft, burglary, and possession of burglary tools.

According to Eagle police Sgt. Gordon Chicoine, Eagle police use Facebook frequently to obtain information about suspects in an investigation. He says many make incriminating posts on the social networking site. A recent survey by the International Association of Chiefs of Police found that the law enforcement’s use of social networking sites has become more common. Approximately 62 percent of the 728 agencies surveyed used social media sites in criminal investigations, and about 40 percent of the agencies use these sites to ask for tips in criminal investigations.

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