An Overview of the Colorado Juvenile Court System

court_house_1983354.jpgColorado juvenile court is designed to assist minors in realizing a pattern of damaging behavior while providing guidance for positive future changes. The Colorado juvenile court system handles a broad range of charges for minors between the ages of 10 and 17 years old, from lighter infractions like school expulsions and suspensions to weighty juvenile felony crimes.

All 22 judicial districts in Colorado have their own county and district courts. The juvenile court system operates as a part of the state’s district courts, with the exception of Denver, which has its own. If a minor is taken into custody by law enforcement officials for criminal charges (on the state or local level), his or her parents/guardian must be notified. At that time, the minor may be freed to his or her parents, screened for more preliminary information, or held further in a juvenile facility after a proper screening, all depending on the nature of the crime. The courts are required to hold a hearing within 48 hours of detainment for those held in a state facility.

To determine whether an individual will be tried at the juvenile or, in more serious cases, district level, the district attorney will review the details and nature of the charges. Less severe cases may be decided more informally between the district attorney, the minor’s family, and their juvenile defense attorney. Again, those sorts of remediation usually are not related to a string of delinquent activity but rather in regard to singular offenses, an isolated instance of poor judgment, or a mistake on the offender’s part.

An experienced juvenile defense attorney ensures that the facts of the case are properly addressed and the minor’s interests are protected. Contact the Colorado juvenile crime lawyers with the Bussey Law Firm, P.C. at (719) 475-2555 for a complimentary case review.

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