Bill Proposing to Outlaw Edible Marijuana in Colorado Pulled for Revisions

According to The Colorado Independent, a bill was recently proposed that could have outlawed medical marijuana in Colorado. However, it was pulled before it came before a committee on Thursday, February 10.

House Bill 1250 was proposed by Representative Cindy Acree (R-Aurora), who stated the bill was not a “pot brownie killer.” Lobbyists working on the bill say medical marijuana is safe in Colorado and that they will work with Acree to revise the bill to ensure it better suits her intentions. Acree has said the aim of the bill was never to do away with consumable medical marijuana products, but rather to guarantee medical marijuana would be treated as a medicine to prevent children from believing it was candy. For example, Acree wants to prevent sodas that are infused with marijuana, such as those made by Canna Catering in California, from entering Colorado.

According to a lobbyist contracted with the Medical Marijuana Industry Group (MMIG), Acree has agreed to three changes to the bill: the medical marijuana edibles will need to be manufactured in the state to keep interstate commerce problems from arising; the edibles will need to be marketed as medicine; and the edibles will need to be clearly marked with a medical marijuana patient’s ID number in case a child gets a hold of it. The lobbyist reports that fines as well as the loss of a patient’s medical marijuana card were discussed as potential penalties for non-cooperation.

The bill is expected to return to the committee sometime in March.

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