Bloody Shoe Print Leads Police to Accuse Roommate of Murder in Colorado Springs

A footprint made in blood and depicting a K-Swiss running shoe led police to arrest a slain man’s roommate recently, according to an article in the Colorado Springs Gazette. The roommate has been charged with first-degree murder in Colorado Springs for allegedly stabbing the victim to death.

The accused man was arrested two days after the murder. He told police that he had only knocked on the apartment door the day the victim was found dead. He said he did not go inside, did not know the victim, and did not live at the apartment. However, the victim’s other roommate, who found the body, said that he and the victim shared the apartment with the accused man.

Other eyewitnesses have also come forward. One woman said she saw the accused carrying two duffel bags and walking quickly away from the apartment building several hours before the victim’s body was discovered. While investigating, law enforcement officials found a shoe print on a bed sheet used to cover the victim’s body. Police have yet to find the knife they say was used to kill the victim.

In the absence of an eyewitness to a violent crime, police must build their cases on what is known as “circumstantial evidence,” or evidence that indicates but does not directly prove a person was at the crime scene. An experienced Colorado Springs violent crime attorney like those at The Bussey Law Firm P.C. will oversee a client’s case closely, looking for circumstantial evidence that may in fact say far less than the prosecution might imply.

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