Bloomfield Pot Operation Results In Arrests of Two Men

Two people living at the house at 13688 Plaster Circle — 28-year-old Joshua Davis and 25-year-old Jessica Oseles — were arrested on charges of cultivation of marijuana and possessing illegal drugs. SWAT officers on Thursday found a secret room in the basement of the Broomfield house where a sophisticated marijuana operation was being operated.

The officers found 44 marijuana plants, two pounds of high-grade marijuana, a few grams of psilocybin mushrooms, a bottle of prescription pills and a handgun, North Metro Drug Task Force Commander Tim Hersee said.

“They had an automatic watering system, nutrients feeding the roots, artificial lighting,” Hersee said. “They were cloning the best female plant to get exact matches of the marijuana’s style and potency”.

Drug Enforcement Officials used a combination of a suspect’s confession that he had purchased a small amount of marijuana from the location and an abnormally high power usage bill to obtain a warrant to search the home.

“Our search of the power-use records, found they were using four times the electricity of the other houses in the neighborhood,” Hersee said.

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