By Some Measures, Colorado in the Top Five “Cyber Crime” States

Per person, Colorado was in the top five states with the most complaints of Internet-related scams last year, according to a recent article in The Sacramento Bee. In terms of total number of complaints or total dollar amounts lost due to Internet scams, however, Colorado ranked much lower than California, Alaska, and several other states.computer_4929105.jpg

According to data from the Internet Crime Complaint Center, the most common complaints of Internet scams in the past year included romance-related pleas for money, work-at-home arrangements in which “workers” were convinced to pay for equipment or other start-up assets they never received, and cases in which someone on the Internet impersonated an FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) agent or other law enforcement officer.

Over 314,000 complaints were filed last year, and the average amount claimed as a loss was $4,187. Nationwide, losses topped $483 million. California saw the largest number of claims and also the largest amounts lost – about $70 million in that state alone. Investigators believe these types of crimes are under-reported, as well, and that nationwide the problem is bigger than the numbers indicate.

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