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As discussed in last week’s article, in order to avoid the consequences of violating Colorado probation, it is necessary to understand the system. It is not the basic principles of Colorado probation that would cause the most confusion for offenders, however, but the specific rules for the particular types of Colorado probation.

There are multiple probation programs in Colorado, some much more intensive than others in their required conditions. In addition to regular adult/juvenile probation, there are various intensive offender programs for high-risk offenders that meet certain criteria. The intensive programs provide specialized assessments, electronic monitoring, educational assessments, offense-specific treatment, literacy and employment programs, and cognitive training. Daily contact with the offender, curfews, home visits, and increased levels of drug testing are common conditions for these intensive programs:
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As an experienced Colorado probation violation attorney at The Bussey Law Firm, P.C., Timothy Bussey understands the complexities of Colorado probation and its various programs. Mr. Bussey also knows that it can be very difficult and confusing to keep track of the conditions of these programs. Many people assigned to probation commit violations without realizing it because they are not aware of or do not understand the conditions of their particular program. In order to avoid penalties for unintended probation violations, it is essential to understand the Colorado probation system. This is the first of a two-part article that will cover the basics of Colorado probation as well as the types of probation programs and their conditions.

The Colorado Judicial Department authorizes and oversees both juvenile and adult probation in Colorado’s 22 judicial districts, including 23 probation departments in more than 50 probation locations across the state. Generally, if a person is convicted of a crime in Colorado, they may be sentenced to probation, community corrections, jail, prison or to the Division of Youth Corrections if the person is a juvenile. A probation order is given by the Court after an adult offender pleads, or is found guilty of a felony or misdemeanor criminal charge. The terms and conditions of probation that the offender must abide by are also set by the Court.
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The Colorado Springs probation violation attorneys at the Colorado criminal defense law firm of The Bussey Law Firm, P.C. are pleased to announce the launch of their new Colorado probation violation website,

The new Colorado probation violation website offers visitors helpful information on the basics of Colorado probation, including its definition as well as general terms and conditions. Visitors may also easily navigate through specific pages on probation violation topics such as community service, consequences, failure to appear, failure to pay fines, felony violation, new offense violation, penalties, probation education, probation hearing, revocation of probation, technical violation, and violation of probation. The website also allows access to The Bussey Law Firm, P.C.’s Criminal Law Information Center, FAQ Video Resource Center, and DUI Information Center.
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