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Colorado Springs was hit by 134 robberies in the last two months, according to an article in the Gazette on February 2, 2010. Police stated that 82 reported robberies occurred in January and 52 in December. Most of the robberies occurred at small businesses, fast food restaurants and banks throughout the city. Police have made arrests in 42 of the 134 cases. Officials believe that the spree is merely an anomalous spike rather than an overall trend of increasing crime.

“Crime trending is not done month-to-month, rather it’s done over several years,” stated a police spokesman. He also pointed out that the theft rate has gone down in the last few years, indicating that there were 608 reported robberies in 2006 and 530 in 2009.

Theft charges in Colorado are categorized as petty theft or grand theft, depending on the value of the items stolen. Without the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney, one runs the risk of being convicted of serious charges. If you, or a family member, have been accused of a robbery in Colorado, you need an experienced Colorado criminal defense theft attorney to help build a strong defense on your behalf.
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According to the site, a composite sketch of a robbery suspect was recently released in hope that someone may recognize the suspect and furnish police with information that may lead to that suspect’s arrest. The suspect in question is sought in connection to a robbery that occurred at a Subway restaurant located on the 1800 block of Hover Street in Longmont. Police detectives are still investigating the incident, and are seeking help from the public.

According to Colorado Law Enforcement Agency Uniform Crime Reports, there were a total of 3,365 occurrences of robbery in 2008. Burglaries occurred on a more regular basis, with numbers totaling 28,256. Although both of these numbers were slightly down from 2007 figures, instances of theft and robbery crimes are still prevalent in Colorado. Per 100,000 inhabitants in 2008, there were 68.1 instances of robbery, and 572 instances of theft. Both numbers indicate that there is a definite need for experienced defense attorneys in the state of Colorado.
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Golden, Colorado police are investigating a robbery committed by two bandana-wearing suspects. According to an NBC news, channel 9 report, a woman told police that two men broke into her house and forced her into a closet before robbing her. The men were described by the woman, although facial descriptions were lacking because of the bandanas that each man wore. According to investigating officials, the suspects took cash and medical marijuana from the home, leading police to believe that the two robbers were aware of the marijuana’s presence and, therefore, probably know the woman.

Robbery crimes can be problematic. Unless stolen merchandise is found to be in an individual’s possession, it is often difficult to declare that a certain individual, particularly one that supposedly knows the victim, is in fact guilty of robbery. In the above mentioned case, if the woman does in fact know the two men responsible for the alleged crime, then there may be physical evidence of the two men present in the home. However, such evidence does not support the robbery per se, only that the individuals (whom she may have previously welcomed into her home) were present in the house at some point.
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According to NBC news affiliate KUSA-TV, channel 9, police are looking for an individual that robbed a liquor store. Reportedly, the thief asked the clerk if he could make change of a $20 bill and then proceeded to rob the establishment once the cash register drawer was open. Surveillance footage from the scene of the crime shows the man to be Caucasian, wearing a long black coat, large dark sunglasses, and a white hat. Police investigating the case hope that the footage and description may spark someone’s memory, and lead to further information about the whereabouts of this man or his identity; possibly aiding the investigation process and leading to an arrest in the case.

While releasing surveillance footage and suspect descriptions to the general public is a useful tool that can assist police investigations, false accusations are certainly a concern for individuals that even remotely fit the description of the suspect shown in the surveillance footage. While your average citizen would be more than willing to assist in a police investigation if it meant an arrest would more than likely be made, such general public assistance is not always accurate. Public help can ultimately be little more than an attempt to assist law enforcement even though the information being relayed is nothing more than speculation.
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The Denver Daily News recently reported that a 35-year-old man was charged with burglary and criminal trespassing after attempting to flee from an east Denver home. Though witnesses did not see the man enter the home, residents of the home did see the man climbing out of a bedroom window before fleeing on foot. No property was reported to have been taken.

According to the report, the residents of the home returned to their house one evening to discover that lights were turned on inside the residence. The residents had not left the lights on when they had originally left the house, so they grew suspicious and called police. While waiting for police to arrive, the residents witnessed the man leaving the premises through the window. Police soon apprehended the man near the scene of the crime.

It was determined that the man had rifled through clothing drawers and piled underwear on a bed. The man now faces second-degree burglary and first-degree criminal trespass charges. Though more specific details of this case were not released, particularly the would-be burglar’s state of mind, it can be inferred that some sort of mental health issue may have played a role in his actions. It was not reported that the man took anything from the residence, so it would appear as though he simply ransacked the home and then decided to flee the scene. Numerous issues will undoubtedly be brought to light in his criminal defense case.
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Colorado Springs Police have arrested two men on suspicion of theft and various traffic violations. According to this KOAA news report, motorcycle officers tried to make a traffic stop on a Hyundai for a defective windshield. However, the car driver did not stop, ran a stop sign and then crashed into a retaining wall while trying to turn into an alley, police said. Police pursued the driver and a passenger on foot and arrested them. The car was stolen, the report says. The driver of the car faced theft charges, multiple traffic charges and had three outstanding felony warrants. The passenger was served and released on theft charges, the report states.

Theft charges in Colorado are usually categorized into petty theft and grand theft – depending on the value of the items stolen. In cases where it involves auto theft, it will most likely be a felony charge. Traffic charges can also land you in quite a bit of trouble. If you are a repeat traffic offender, you run the risk of your license being suspended or revoked.
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Police in Denver have arrested a man on suspicion of theft. He is accused of stealing expensive wines from several area liquor stores and then selling them on an Internet auction site. According to an article in The Colorado Springs Gazette, an undercover operation by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department led to the recovery of 85 bottles of wine from the man’s home. One of the wine bottles had a reported value of $3,000. Police have not yet released the name of the suspect.

Officials say the man sold more than $21,000 worth of wine in three weeks online using an auction site called He may have sold the wine using other Web sites too, police say.
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