Closet Caper Leaves Woman Robbed

Golden, Colorado police are investigating a robbery committed by two bandana-wearing suspects. According to an NBC news, channel 9 report, a woman told police that two men broke into her house and forced her into a closet before robbing her. The men were described by the woman, although facial descriptions were lacking because of the bandanas that each man wore. According to investigating officials, the suspects took cash and medical marijuana from the home, leading police to believe that the two robbers were aware of the marijuana’s presence and, therefore, probably know the woman.

Robbery crimes can be problematic. Unless stolen merchandise is found to be in an individual’s possession, it is often difficult to declare that a certain individual, particularly one that supposedly knows the victim, is in fact guilty of robbery. In the above mentioned case, if the woman does in fact know the two men responsible for the alleged crime, then there may be physical evidence of the two men present in the home. However, such evidence does not support the robbery per se, only that the individuals (whom she may have previously welcomed into her home) were present in the house at some point.

Another issue that is going to prove difficult in helping make sense of this act is the descriptions the woman was able to give to police. Granted, while she was able to provide details about the suspects’ clothing and height, not much physical description that could definitely refer to a specific individual was given. In making an arrest, police may accuse the wrong individual. If the woman assumes that the suspects are two people whom she knows, then she may falsely accuse people as well. In any event, it is essential that all facts are carefully examined to ensure that individuals are not falsely accused simply because they may be acquaintances of the woman and fit descriptions that are hardly specific.

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