Proposed Colorado Bill to Clarify Recent Medical Marijuana Regulations Overshadowed by Federal Warning

In 2010, the Colorado Legislature passed a bill that established regulations for its medical marijuana industry. However, according to The Gazette, many medical marijuana dispensaries were unclear on whether or not they were in compliance with the new regulations. This prompted the introduction of the current bill, the purpose of which is to elucidate the specifics of the recent laws. The planned amendments to the original bill include:

  • Removing a provision that would have extended a 1-year moratorium, or authorized suspension, on state-issued licenses to July 1, 2012 in fairness to new entrepreneurs intending to open dispensaries;
  • Allowing certain ex-convicts, with felony drug offenses that have since been downgraded to a lesser offense, to work at dispensaries in an effort to promote jobs;
  • New limits on marijuana growing operations, as well as new regulations on how it is cultivated and sold; and
  • Allowing the testing of plants to determine dosages.

Colorado’s efforts to regulate their medical marijuana industry have been overshadowed, however, by a recent warning from the federal government. A letter sent from a U.S. Attorney to the Colorado Attorney General affirmed that Colorado’s medical marijuana laws violate federal law. It stated that the federal government has the authority to arrest anyone found to be growing or distributing marijuana, even though the growing and distribution of medical marijuana is legal under state law. Discussions concerning the proposed bill will continue with this warning in mind.

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