Colorado Bill to Decrease Some Drug Sentences Faces Opposition

A bill was recently introduced in the Colorado legislature to decrease some types of drug offenses from felony charges to misdemeanor Colorado crimes. The change would mean that merely possessing small amounts of some controlled substances for personal use would come with a smaller maximum jail sentence, according to a recent article in the Denver Post. Colorado Springs Drug Crime

Supporters say the bill helps reduce the number of people currently housed in Colorado prisons and helps those convicted get treatment for drug addictions. Opponents of the bill, however, call it “a financial nightmare” for Colorado counties. Reducing certain felony charges to misdemeanors would mean that any imprisonment sentence would be carried out in a county jail, not a state prison, which means more costs for counties.

Opponents have other objections to the bill as well. For instance, some opponents note that reducing drug crime penalties makes it look like the legislature doesn’t take drug use “seriously” enough. Some county prosecutors have pointed out that changing the drug use laws would disrupt the functioning of drug courts, which already focus on rehabilitation and which have shown some success in Denver and other counties.

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