Colorado Bill Seeks to Create Opportunities for People After Conviction

lady-justice9494202.jpgPeople who have served their sentences often have trouble re-entering the working world, according to a recent article in the Denver Post. Restrictions on jobs, housing, and other important opportunities and resources can make it very difficult for someone who has paid a debt to society to rejoin that society – increasing the likelihood that a person may reconsider going back to prison rather than continue to fight a losing battle.

A bill recently introduced in the Colorado legislature seeks to help people rejoin society after conviction by giving them a better chance at securing work and other opportunities. The bill calls for several small but important changes to the criminal justice system. These include sealing criminal records after three years of “clean living,” allowing employers to keep employees even if they have been convicted of a felony, and allowing courts to issue “rehabilitation certificates” that would show someone with a criminal record has served his or her sentence and gone on to avoid any further entanglements with the legal system.

These changes are small, but supporters hope they will create more opportunities for people who have served sentences for felony convictions to find work and rejoin the community, allowing them to build a life instead of being effectively shut out of society.

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