Colorado Crime Rates Continue to Decrease

The rates of all types of crime in Colorado have been going down every year for several years, and they continue to do so, according to the 2008-2010 Crime and Justice in Colorado report.

In 2003, crime rates in Colorado hit a twenty-year low, according to the report. The rate dipped again in 2005, and it fell an additional 6 percent between 2008 and 2009. The rate of violent crimes dropped as part of the falling overall crime rate, a pattern that has been copied in most states throughout the U.S. The report notes that homicides, or crimes involving the killing of a person in some way, have stayed steady at 150 to 200 incidents in Colorado each year.handcuffs-182036.jpg

In 2009, 186,030 arrests of adults were made in Colorado for a variety of suspected crimes. An additional 39,876 juveniles faced arrest in 2009. Both of those numbers represented a decrease from 2008, in which 190,499 adult Coloradoans and 46,395 juveniles in Colorado faced arrest.

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