Colorado Criminalizes Synthetic Drug Known as “Bath Salts”

Colorado is one of several states recently to pass laws criminalizing the sale or use of “bath salts,” a synthetic drug that isn’t actually intended to be used in the bath at all, according to a recent article in the Durango Herald. The product is also sometimes sold as plant food or bug repellant.

The active ingredient in “bath salts” is mephedrone, or methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV), a stimulant that acts similarly to amphetamines in the human body. The “bath salts” are typically inhaled, but using mephedrone or MDPV in this way is known to increase the risks of hallucinations, paranoia, and violence as well as creating the stimulant effect.


Colorado’s new law makes it a misdemeanor to buy or possess bath salts and a felony to sell them. Several U.S. states have passed similar laws, and both the U.S. federal government and the government of Canada are considering laws to make the active ingredients in “bath salts” illegal.

The bill also included provisions for a statewide study of drug laws that focuses on finding alternative sentences for those who use or are addicted to drugs, so that nonviolent drug use alone does not send a person to prison when that person might be better served with drug treatment and support to live a clean and productive life.

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