Colorado Drug Sentencing Bill Amended to Call for Study

A bill introduced in the Colorado Senate to reduce penalties for some drug-related charges has been amended to call first for a study of Colorado’s sentencing penalties for drug-related convictions, including the actual sentences being carried out by Coloradans convicted of a Colorado drug-related felony, according to a recent article in the Aurora Sentinel.

The original bill sought to reduce the severity of some drug-related possession charges from a felony to a misdemeanor if the person was only convicted of having enough of certain drugs for personal use. The bill’s sponsor argued that the bill would reduce the number of people in state prisons and encourage the use of penalties, like probation and drug treatment programs, to help people manage drug addictions.

Opposition from several different voices, however, has led the bill’s sponsor to amend his original bill. Now, the bill asks for a study of drug convictions in Colorado to determine the best way to go about changing the penalties for various drug-related convictions. The change came in response to criticism from county prosecutors that the original bill would undermine the work of drug courts and put additional pressure on overcrowded county jail programs.

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