Colorado DUI Enforcement: “100 Days of Heat”

Even as Coloradans are preparing to hit the roadways for the summer travel season, the Colorado State Patrol and law enforcement agencies across the state of Colorado are getting ready to embark on an unprecedented level of summer-time DUI enforcement called “100 Days of Heat.” According to this news report, the campaign includes additional DUI enforcement periods and plans for more than 150 sobriety checkpoints between the Memorial Day and Labor Day holidays. According to statistics, more than one-third of all alcohol-related fatalities in Colorado occurred between the two holidays.

What does this mean for motorists? This means that there will be a lot of targeted enforcement this summer. Officials will increase patrols to target roadways that are known to be Colorado DUI hot spots. DUI checkpoints are dangerous because you may be stopped, even if there is no probable cause to stop you. Officers are extremely motivated to “find” DUI offenders during such targeted patrols. Normally, a DUI traffic stop occurs when an officer sees a motorist driving erratically, for example. But with a DUI checkpoint, a traffic stop is random.

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