Colorado DUI Patrols on Alert During St. Patrick’s Day

NHS1-35184_IMG_8577_72RGB.jpgSt. Patrick’s Day offers an opportunity for many people to relax and enjoy a get-together with friends, family, and others. Often, these parties include alcoholic beverages. Since the rate of drinking goes up on March 17 each year, state and local police patrols in Colorado also put more officers on the street to stop those whom they suspect of breaking Colorado’s drunk driving laws.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the most effective St. Patrick’s Day DUI patrols extend before and after the holiday itself. This year, March 17 is a Saturday, so police agencies in Colorado and other states are increasing their patrols from March 16 – the Friday before the holiday – through the end of March 18, the day after St. Patrick’s Day itself.

You can help protect yourself from a Colorado DUI charge this St. Patrick’s Day by taking a few simple steps. First, plan your sober way home ahead of time. Make sure you have a designated driver who knows you’re riding home with him or her, or bring along the numbers of cab companies, fare for public transportation, or contact information for a sober-ride program if one exists in your area. You can also stay home and host a party yourself, but make sure your guests don’t get behind the wheel if they’ve also been drinking.

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