DWI and Your Career

Many drivers forget that the decisions they make in their personal lives can have profound effects on their careers. A DUI conviction in Colorado stays on a person’s record for life and many professional licensing boards require you to report DUIs and other convictions in order to keep practicing. People who work in professions such as commercial truck driving, maritime, dentistry, registered nursing, piloting and others risk the suspension or revocation of not only their driver’s license, but their professional license as well.

While many drivers think that a “couple of beers” aren’t cause enough to jeopardize their livelihood, Colorado law and professional licensing boards say otherwise. In addition to possible revocation of your professional license, court appearances, possible jail sentences and community service hours may keep you from going to work, which may cause you to lose your job. DUI convictions come with steep fines and if the accused cannot get to work, he or she cannot make the money needed to pay those fines. So as you can see, understanding the relationship between a Colorado DWI and your career is of the utmost importance.

All in all, the best decision you can make to avoid jeopardizing your job, safety and the safety of others is to remain sober if you plan to drive. Should you find yourself facing a DWI, DUI or DWAI in Colorado, it would be in your best interest to seek the legal guidance of a reputable DWI attorney like those at The Bussey Law Firm, P.C. Our attorneys have years of experience handling a variety of DUI cases and will help you understand your rights and make the best decision for you and your situation. Call us today at (719) 475-2555 to learn how we can help you.

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