Colorado Forensics Lab to Address Problems in DUI Blood Sample Testing

The state forensics lab that tests blood samples taken in drunk driving and other criminal cases recently announced that many of the tests had been done incorrectly, according to an article in the Colorado Springs Independent.

The lab estimates that at least 1,700 blood tests may have been performed incorrectly. In order to have any confidence in the results, the lab says that the tests should be run again under the correct testing conditions.


Defense attorneys throughout Colorado were displeased with the news. Colorado criminal defense attorney Timothy Bussey was no exception, noting that the “precision, accuracy, reliability, and transparency” of scientific evidence like blood test results is of paramount importance in a criminal trial in order to avoid convicting people who are actually innocent. Questionable results call not only a particular test into question, but an entire forensics laboratory.

The news regarding the incorrect blood tests has led to an investigation of policies and procedures at the lab, beginning with the lab supervisor, who has worked for the California Department of Public Health and Environment for 28 years. The investigation has led to questions about the lab supervisor’s education and credentials, as well as how blood tests are carried out in the lab itself.

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