Colorado Lawmakers Continue to Debate Bill for Crimes Against Pregnant Women

Colorado Assault LawSeveral U.S. states, but not Colorado, currently have separate laws that impose criminal penalties if an assault against a pregnant woman causes a miscarriage or the death of a fetus. Colorado may soon have a similar law on its books if state legislators pass a bill recently imposed in the state House, according to a report from KOAA.

Currently, Colorado law allows a miscarriage or the death of a fetus to be considered in sentencing, but not charged as a separate crime. If a person is convicted of an assault or homicide against a pregnant woman that also killed the developing fetus, the court may consider that fact when deciding whether or not to impose a harsher sentence. Additionally, a jury may consider it when deciding whether to impose a life sentence or the death penalty.

Under the bill currently being debated, however, “unlawful termination of a pregnancy” would become a separate crime in Colorado, carrying its own penalties. If the bill becomes law, a person charged with an assault against a pregnant woman that resulted in a miscarriage or fetal death might also be charged separately with unlawful termination of a pregnancy.

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