Colorado Legislature Considers Felony DUI Bill

Currently, Colorado treats driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI) as a misdemeanor, even if the person convicted of a DUI has several previous DUIs on his or her record. A bill currently being considered in the Colorado legislature, however, would allow some suspected DUIs to be charged as felonies.

The bill applies to “simple” DUI cases that don’t involve an accident or an injury, according to a news report from The Denver Channel. It would allow a DUI conviction to be punished as a felony if the conviction was the driver’s third DUI conviction within seven years or the driver’s fourth DUI conviction in a lifetime.

If convicted of a felony DUI, a driver would face up to one year in prison. Other penalties, like fines, a suspended or revoked driver’s license, mandatory counseling, or the use of an ignition interlock device may also apply. The conviction would also appear on the person’s criminal record as a felony, rather than a misdemeanor.

Supporters say that imposing tougher penalties for repeat DUI offenses will deter drivers from getting behind the wheel while they’re impaired. They also note that Colorado is one of only five states that currently have no law allowing a DUI to be treated as a felony.

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