Colorado Police Expand “Taxis On Patrol” Program to Include Truck Drivers

Several Colorado city police forces rely on the “Taxis on Patrol” program to provide extra surveillance and to report any activity taxi drivers find suspicious. Now, the state police are planning to expand the Taxis on Patrol (TOP) program to include truck drivers, who frequent Colorado’s in-state and interstate highways, according to a recent news report from WDVR.

The original TOP program, which began in January, puts taxi drivers through a training session that teaches them how to identify behavior that might be suspicious. If they see any such behavior, taxi drivers then contact the local police force to report it.

According to Denver police, the TOP program has already affected the crime rate in and around Denver in several ways. First, the program appeared in the national news after a taxi driver witnessed a hit-and-run accident and gave police the information they needed to arrest a suspect. Also, police say that many people think twice about their plans when they see a taxi with a TOP sticker nearby, which may stop crime before it even starts. By expanding the program to truck drivers, police hope to prevent criminal activity statewide.

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