Colorado Prosecutors Spend Columbus Day in Police Training

This past Columbus Day, 22 Colorado prosecutors spent their day off at a training session with the Colorado Police Academy, according to The Colorado Springs Gazette. The training is part of the requirements all Colorado deputy district attorneys must complete in order to handle complex criminal cases.

The day’s events included practice in deciding when to shoot or not to shoot in a tight situation. The prosecutors used a computer simulation that Colorado police officers also use. The training is designed to help police officers remain calm and make the best possible decision in a dangerous situation where split-second timing matters. The training is designed for prosecutors to better understand cases in which a police officer’s decision to shoot or not to shoot becomes a serious issue in a criminal case. The 22 deputy district attorneys who took the training agreed that it helped them better understand the pressure police officers face while on the job.

When a police officer is chasing someone they suspect of a crime, or when a police officer feels threatened, they may overreact and use violence in a situation where it is not necessary. Although police training can help officers avoid bad decisions, when police officers do overreact, the incident can have serious consequences for the suspect. It can also affect the outcome of the case.

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