Colorado Robbery Rates Are Down, But Other Thefts Increased in 2010

The number of robberies reported in Colorado in 2010 was lower than the number reported in 2009, according to data collected by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. The 2010 robbery rate, or number of robberies per 100,000 Colorado residents, also decreased in 2010. However, the number of other types of thefts, including burglary and larceny, increased overall in 2010 but had only a small impact on the rate of these crimes per 100,000 people.

In 2009, 3,310 robberies were reported in Colorado, while 3,131 robberies were reported in 2010, a decrease of 5.4 percent, according to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. These numbers represent 65.1 robberies per 100,000 residents in 2009 and 60.1 robberies per 100,000 residents in 2010, or a decrease in the robbery rate of 6.8 percent. Robberies differ from other thefts because they typically involve violence, like assault, or the threat of violence, such as the use of a dangerous weapon.

In these same years, the number of burglaries reported went up by 0.5 percent (from 25,647 in 2009 to 25,769 in 2010), but the number of burglaries per 100,000 people actually dropped, due to changes in population during those years. Only larcenies went up both in the number of thefts reported and the number divided by 100,000 residents – but both increases were less than 3 percent.

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