Colorado Sees Spike in Car-Part Thefts

Colorado law enforcement agencies have reported an increase in Colorado auto thefts – not of entire vehicles, but of certain parts that may contain valuable metals and other materials, according to a recent news report from KKTV. The parts most often targeted are catalytic converters, which contain platinum and other metals that can often be scrapped for money – and some scrapyards don’t ask where a person got their hands on the things they’re turning in.

A southern Colorado auto repair shop noted that many new customers have come through its doors recently needing a new catalytic converter installed on their vehicles because the old one had been cut away. Most vehicles have between one and four catalytic converters. These devices improve the quality of exhaust emissions by turning some toxic chemicals into less harmful ones. When they are simply cut away from the vehicle’s exhaust system, however, they can cause problems with the vehicle’s ability to run, including a great deal of noise. Repairing a catalytic converter can be expensive, and if a vehicle is kept outdoors, there are few ways to ensure its safety.

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