Colorado Senate Bill 107 Seeks to Change Limits DUI Victims Can Recover

Recently, KDVR reported the proposal of Colorado Senate Bill 107, which, if passed, would create an exception to the limit in place on noneconomic damages a victim can recover in a civil action. Specifically, the bill would allow for such actions in regards to damages resulting from alcohol or drug-related accidents in civil DUI cases.

In 1986, a cap for damages was set at $250,000 and steadily increased with inflation. Now, the cap is close to $462,000. Many Colorado Senators have stated that they believe making drunk drivers liable to pay victims more in damages could deter such behavior in the future. However, those in opposition have said most of those convicted of a DUI in Colorado aren’t able to pay victims much, regardless of whether there is or isn’t a cap. Many worry that doing away with the cap would set back tort reform.

Following testimony from DUI accident victims, however, the bill passed the Senate Judiciary Committee by a 6-3 vote. The bill has since been referred to the full Colorado Senate for consideration, which has been delayed at least once.

As Colorado Senate Bill 107 demonstrates, anyone in Colorado who is charged with a DWI or DUI has it in their best interest to consult a highly skilled attorney in order to build a strong defense to fight the charges made against them. The penalties for being convicted of a drunk driving charge are severe, especially when another person has been injured. You may face heavy fines and even jail time. The exceptionally trained and experienced Colorado drunk driving attorneys at The Bussey Law Firm, P.C. have successfully represented clients in Colorado courts for many years. We can aggressively fight on your behalf. Call 719-475-2555 to learn more.

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