Sex Crime Stigma Spurs Fort Collins Community Meeting

The social stigma associated with being convicted of a sex crime can greatly impact an individual for the rest of his or her life. According to a story, a 31-year-old man that was previously convicted of second-degree sexual assault and served the majority of a seven year prison sentence has decided to move. As consequence of this, local law enforcement has called a mandatory meeting of the Fort Collins community to inform the public of the individual’s new whereabouts. The mandatory meeting is required by law whenever a sexually violent predator moves into a new neighborhood, or simply moves from one house to another in the same neighborhood. Specifically, the meeting will “provide notification of [the] offender and generally enhance public safety and protection, [and] be presented by a team of professionals involved in the management of sex offenders in the community.”

Even though the 31-year-old is subject to neither parole or probation supervision, he is still considered a threat by his community. Such a label can certainly impact his ability to find suitable housing, gainful employment, and can place stress on any new relationships he may form, not to mention the strain that has already been placed on his current friends and family. While avoiding such a stigma can be difficult, such avoidance is not impossible. By retaining the services of a skilled Colorado Springs sex crimes attorney, an accused individual may be able to lead a normal life again, even after charges have been brought against them.

In all criminal cases, it is important that experienced legal counsel is retained in order to ensure that the strongest possible defense is mounted on your behalf. At The Bussey Law Firm, P.C., our skilled Colorado Springs sexual assault defense attorney will do just that, examining every detail and taking all issues into account while defending your Constitutional rights. Sex crimes in Colorado are serious, and the social stigma that is associated with them can haunt an individual for years. An experienced sex crime attorney is the best defense against such damning charges. If you have been arrested, please don’t hesitate to contact us today at 719-475-2555 for more information.

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