Alleged DUI Driver Runs Red at Circle and Union

According to Colorado’s ABC affiliate, KRDO News Channel 13, a traffic accident took place at the intersection of Circle Drive and Union Boulevard. The accident involved two vehicles, one of which allegedly ran through a red traffic light. Reportedly, a white van entered the intersection against the traffic light, and struck another vehicle. The driver of the struck vehicle sustained broken bones and possible spinal damage, while the injuries of the driver of the white van were not reported. However, both drivers were taken to the hospital for treatment of their injuries.

The driver of the white van is currently facing charges for DUI in Colorado. While the story did not go into detail regarding how law enforcement was able to come to the suspicion that the man was driving under the influence, it is safe to assume that either field sobriety tests were administered, or the police felt there was enough evidence of intoxication to establish probable cause. In any event, it is essential that sobriety tests of all kinds are properly administered by properly trained law enforcement officials to ensure that an otherwise innocent individual is not accused of DUI.

For an officer of the law to administer a field sobriety test, that officer needs to have received the proper training and have an in depth knowledge of what sort of action may represent a possible case of DUI and which sort of action does not. Aside from improperly administered field sobriety tests, inaccurate blood alcohol concentration (BAC) testing devices, such as breathalyzers, may also lead to an innocent individual being charged with DUI. Specifically, BAC devices need to be properly calibrated in order to ensure that individuals do not falsely test above the legal BAC limit. If a machine is not properly calibrated, then that machine may incriminate an individual that is actually innocent.

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