Cuts to Prison Pop Puts Offenders Back on the Streets

According to, Colorado Governor Bill Ritter plans to counteract the inflating state budget through reducing Colorado’s prison population by 1,000 in a one year period. Though it is speculated that the release could save the state a reported $19 million, it would in fact not only lead to layoffs within Colorado’s private prison sector, but would place convicted criminals back on the streets earlier than they were supposed to have been. According to Denver Police Chief Gerry Whitman, the prisoner release is of “great concern” to residents all across the state of Colorado.

According to the proposed plan, parole sentences will be cut down for some former inmates to help make it possible for newly released inmates to be more closely kept track of. An estimated 5,700 inmates or paroles may see their status change as a result of the plan. It should also be pointed out that the state of Colorado, in releasing prisoners, will only grant this new freedom to non-violent sex offenders. No word was given as to when this plan would go into effect.

It is speculated that this early release of prisoners will ultimately lead to new crimes being committed sooner than they would have been if prisoner sentences would have been served in full. However, this speculation could in fact lead to false accusations, particularly since expectations to commit crimes will be higher and those who are released from prison, rehabilitated or not, will undoubtedly be more closely examined in terms of behavior, almost in defiant opposition to the belief that all people are innocent until proven guilty.

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