15 Busted in Drug Ring Crackdown

According to Coloradoan.com, 15 people were indicted on 44 felony counts for operating a cocaine distribution ring that stretched from Colorado to Wyoming. The majority of “the suspects were indicted on suspicion of violating the Colorado Organized Crime Control Act,” according to the website. The drug ring allegedly sold cocaine to local Colorado distributers.

The extent of charges to be brought against these individuals is ultimately dependent on their involvement in the day-to-day operations of the drug ring. While the story does point out that some of the individuals were more heavily involved than others, it is important to remember that involvement in any sort of crime does not automatically garner, nor should it, the same punishment for every individual declared to have been involved.

Obviously, as in most enterprises, both legal and illegal, it is commonplace that an individual or group of individuals is usually afforded more authority and control over the enterprise than most other members. In criminal trials, it is vital that those who are in fact involved in a lesser degree are not inappropriately punished, possibly at the expense of allowing a more authoritative individual to sustain lesser charges as a result.

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Source article: http://www.coloradoan.com/article/20090806/NEWS01/908060378

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