Colorado Springs Metro Crime Lab Finds Errors in 2009 BAC Testing

Investigations are only as accurate as the individuals who conduct them. While necessary precautions are taken to ensure that test results are as accurate as possible, error can still result. According to a recent article posted on, the validity of blood alcohol concentration (BAC) readings arrived at by the Metro Crime Lab has been brought into question. An internal investigation revealed that some tests, administered from 2009 to the present, were determined to have been initially reported at higher levels than the actual results should have warranted. That is, approximately 82 tests have been deemed inaccurate thus far. During the time period of admitted inaccuracy, the Metro Crime Lab processed approximately 1,000 tests. Investigation into the matter and retesting of results by a Senior Forensic Chemist are both ongoing.

The cause of this problem is still being looked into, with both the Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) and The Colorado Bureau of Investigations (CBI) conducting investigations into the matter. Also, the manufacturer of the equipment used in gathering the blood alcohol concentration numbers, Agilent Technologies, has also looked into whether or not the equipment used during the testing was defective or improperly calibrated. Regardless of the reason though, individuals who were initially deemed to be above the legal limit in terms of BAC may not have been over the limit at all. Therefore, charges brought against those individuals may have been based on erroneous information.

The penalties associated with DUI are extensive and long lasting. While evidence should be carefully examined in any defense case, such care is inconsequential if the evidence being examined is inaccurate.

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