Colorado Springs Police Arrest Two for Theft, Traffic Violations

Colorado Springs Police have arrested two men on suspicion of theft and various traffic violations. According to this KOAA news report, motorcycle officers tried to make a traffic stop on a Hyundai for a defective windshield. However, the car driver did not stop, ran a stop sign and then crashed into a retaining wall while trying to turn into an alley, police said. Police pursued the driver and a passenger on foot and arrested them. The car was stolen, the report says. The driver of the car faced theft charges, multiple traffic charges and had three outstanding felony warrants. The passenger was served and released on theft charges, the report states.

Theft charges in Colorado are usually categorized into petty theft and grand theft – depending on the value of the items stolen. In cases where it involves auto theft, it will most likely be a felony charge. Traffic charges can also land you in quite a bit of trouble. If you are a repeat traffic offender, you run the risk of your license being suspended or revoked.

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