Colorado Springs Sex Crime Charges Against Vending Machine Worker

A Colorado Springs vending machine worker has been arrested on suspicion of inappropriate behavior at a local high school, according to a Denver Post report. The 36-year-old man turned himself in to police. He was booked on four offenses for sex crimes in Colorado including sexual exploitation of children and unlawful sexual contact.

The arrest reportedly occurred after a school resource officer was informed by a school administrator about complaints from several female students about a man who serviced vending machines in the building. The students told the assistant principal that he would ask them to “do things that were inappropriate.” The man apparently works for a vending machine company in Colorado Springs that delivers vending machine products to various high schools in the south metro area. An investigation is ongoing.

Sex crime cases, especially against minors, can have serious consequences for a defendant. It can be worse if the alleged crimes occurred during the course of the person’s work. In most of these sex crime cases, consequences include lengthy jail time, losing your job, your reputation, and required registration as a sex offender. A wrongful conviction can have disastrous consequences on your life and destroy your future.

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