Liquor Store Thief Keeps the Change

According to NBC news affiliate KUSA-TV, channel 9, police are looking for an individual that robbed a liquor store. Reportedly, the thief asked the clerk if he could make change of a $20 bill and then proceeded to rob the establishment once the cash register drawer was open. Surveillance footage from the scene of the crime shows the man to be Caucasian, wearing a long black coat, large dark sunglasses, and a white hat. Police investigating the case hope that the footage and description may spark someone’s memory, and lead to further information about the whereabouts of this man or his identity; possibly aiding the investigation process and leading to an arrest in the case.

While releasing surveillance footage and suspect descriptions to the general public is a useful tool that can assist police investigations, false accusations are certainly a concern for individuals that even remotely fit the description of the suspect shown in the surveillance footage. While your average citizen would be more than willing to assist in a police investigation if it meant an arrest would more than likely be made, such general public assistance is not always accurate. Public help can ultimately be little more than an attempt to assist law enforcement even though the information being relayed is nothing more than speculation.

In all cases where an individual is accused of a theft crime, particularly those situations where surveillance footage and other similar information leads to an arrest, it is absolutely essential that an accused individual retain the services of an experienced Colorado theft defense attorney to see to it that the individual’s rights are not infringed upon in a court of law.

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