Colorado State, Localities Face Medical Marijuana Question on November Ballot

Voters throughout Colorado will have the chance to vote on Amendment 64 this November, and voters in Berthoud and Fort Collins will also look at two local measures. All three measures discuss the regulation and sale of marijuana in the state of Colorado.

According to a recent article in the Reporter-Herald, the basic issues on these ballots include:

  • Amendment 64. Amendment 64 calls for regulating marijuana at the state level in a similar manner to alcohol, allowing people to possess, use, transfer, or transport under one ounce of marijuana or up to six plants. Coloradoans under age 21 would be prohibited from possessing or using marijuana, and those convicted of driving under the influence of marijuana would face penalties similar to those already in place for driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI). Voters throughout Colorado will have a chance to vote on this amendment.
  • Question 300. Question 300 would ban medical marijuana growing operations, dispensaries, and other related businesses within the town of Berthoud and give existing operations 90 days to close their doors. Only Berthoud residents will see this measure on their ballot.
  • Question 301. Question 301 would repeat Fort Collins’s ban on medical marijuana dispensaries and related businesses and replace it with regulations allowing dispensaries to operate under certain conditions. Only Fort Collins residents will see this measure on their ballot.

Marijuana legalization, whether for medicinal uses or other uses, has been a contentious question in Colorado for several years. Currently, possession, use, and sale of marijuana can still be prosecuted as a crime in Colorado, and many Coloradoans face drug charges related to marijuana each year.

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