Colorado Towns Handle Medical Marijuana Individually

Since Colorado legalized medical marijuana, the state’s mountain towns have each sought to regulate dispensaries in their own ways, according to a recent article in The Colorado Springs Gazette. The variety of ordinances has created a patchwork of medical marijuana rules across the state, affecting how marijuana-related activity may be considered a crime.

For instance, the town of Steamboat Springs allows only three medical marijuana centers to operate in the city, and they must follow city regulations. Recent acts by the state legislature may force Steamboat Springs to amend its ordinance, allowing more than three medical marijuana centers. The town of Hayden, however, has banned them entirely, fearing they would cause an increase in crime. Vail also banned medical marijuana centers after deciding they created the wrong image for the city.

The patchwork of medical marijuana ordinances across the state can make it difficult to know what types of marijuana use, possession or sale constitute a Colorado drug crime. Although state law permits the use of medical marijuana, it can be easy to transgress city ordinances without realizing it, putting you at risk of a ticket or other legal trouble.

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