Colorado’s Texting While Driving Ban Not So Easy to Enforce

Two years ago, Colorado passed a law making it a crime to type out text messages on one’s phone while driving. The law was intended to cut down on distracted driving, which in turn was meant to decrease the rate of car accidents in Colorado. However, the texting while driving ban is turning out to be more difficult to enforce than anticipated, according to a recent column in the Coloradoan.

The law prohibits texting while driving, but it doesn’t prohibit adults from using their phones to look up contact information or dialing a phone number they want to call. Since all these activities can look very similar to texting, it can be difficult for police officers to be sure whether a driver using his cell phone is doing so illegally. Even though texting while driving is a primary offense – which means drivers can be stopped on suspicion of texting whether or not they are also doing something else that causes suspicion – few police officers actually make texting-related stops. Colorado police also note that drivers who see a police car often put their phones down, even if they are not pulled over by the officer.

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