Community Corrections Offers Successful Alternative Sentencing for Some Coloradoans

Community corrections, or “halfway houses,” provide a supervised environment while still allowing the people in the programs to work or otherwise participate in the community. Colorado has used community corrections programs for many years to put some people convicted of crimes in Colorado in programs better suited to their individual needs than traditional jail or prison sentences.home-2737475.jpg

A 2004 study found that community corrections programs help a majority of participants avoid another conviction and manage addiction, anger, and other problems. The study found that between 65 and 80 percent of program participants successfully completed all parts of the community corrections program to which they were assigned. Depending on each person’s needs, these program parts may have included family counseling, anger management, treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, and other requirements.

Some participants were more likely to do well in community corrections than others. People who were older, employed, and had little or no history of criminal convictions were more likely to complete their programs than younger, unemployed people or those with substantial criminal records. However, the study found these obstacles could be overcome with dedication to finishing successfully.

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