Could Budget Cuts Botch Future Investigation?

A recent article in the Aurora Sentinel explained that recent legislation will translate to significant budget cuts for Colorado law enforcement. However, the budget cuts will not necessarily directly affect local law enforcement. Instead, the cuts will focus on the Department of Corrections and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation’s DNA laboratory, both of which may indirectly affect local agencies and Colorado citizens. That is, with cuts to the Department of Corrections, educational programs for inmates will be eliminated. In addition, a new parole program will be put into effect that will allow individuals eligible for parole to acquire parole sooner and be alleviated of requirements that were previously expected of them. As for the CBI’s DNA lab, cuts will result in the removal of two lab tech positions, which could have a negative impact on law enforcement agencies that regularly rely on testing and results from the lab in regard to criminal investigations from local crime scenes.

Although this particular budget cut isn’t supposed to affect the number of officers on Colorado streets, it will affect the ways in which prisoners are released and will influence how those prisoners are incarcerated in the first place. If evidence from crime scenes is not properly handled, possibly out of the simple notion that the lab is understaffed and technicians overworked, then that evidence may implicate a person when no such implication actually exists. While DNA testing has recently been scrutinized for inaccuracy, cutting the number of technicians that were previously deemed necessary to examine such sensitive materials may create problems. For instance, this decrease leaves the door open for error that could result in false imprisonment and innocent victims being accused of wrongdoing that they didn’t actually commit.

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