Crime Lab in Northern Colorado to Open Next Year

The Northern Colorado Regional Crime Lab is on track to open by the first of September 2013, after Ward County increased the funds it’s willing to dedicate to the project, according to a recent article in the Times-Call.

So far, Ward County, Loveland, Larimer County, and Greeley have committed to providing funds, resources, and personnel to build and operate the crime lab. Fort Collins, Colorado is expected to join the project as well. The tentative plan is to build the 200,000-square foot facility on U.S. 34 near Colorado 257.police_tape_4166625.jpg

Ward County’s recent increase in funds raised its total contribution to $4 million, enough to build the crime lab facilities. Once the crime lab is built, the other local governments involved in the project will work to keep the facility open and operating, processing evidence from suspected crime scenes throughout northern Colorado.

The five agencies involved in the project already share resources and experts to process evidence, according to the Times-Call. The new facility brings all 16 of the area’s forensic science specialists under the same roof, allowing them to share information more easily and increase the accuracy of evidence analysis.

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