Fighting Crime With Your Fingers

Technology is changing the way we function in our day-to-day lives all the time. A recent NBC news, channel 9 report talks about a new method of providing local police with tips and other information that may help curb crime throughout Colorado. A text messaging tip-service, introduced by Metro Denver Crime Stoppers, will join the email and telephone tip-services that the non-profit organization already utilizes to assist more than 20 Denver metro law enforcement agencies solve crimes.

Reportedly, Crime Stoppers will review the anonymous tips that are received, and forward those tips to the appropriate agency. Successful text tips, just like the phone and email tips, may result in the tip provider being awarded up to $2,000 if the tip provides information that leads to the arrest of a wanted individual.

The story cites the notion that, with so many people text messaging as a means of communicating nowadays, text messaging tips should prove instrumental in helping solve crimes throughout the state of Colorado. However, as with all anonymous tips provided by the general public, these tips need to be carefully screened in order to ensure that the innocent individuals are not accused of and even arrested for crimes that they didn’t commit. While it remains to be seen whether or not a service such as this will be a blessing or a mistake, the concept is certainly a good one, provided it isn’t abused by individuals that find some sort of satisfaction out of providing anonymous tips that have no merit.

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