Criminal Penalties for a CO DUI

Many drivers who receive DUI citations are first time offenders who shudder at the thought of having a criminal record. Colorado DUI criminal penalties include jail time, fines and public service hours. In some cases, the jail sentence may be substituted for an alcohol treatment program, but this isn’t true of all cases.

Drivers who have one or more DUIs on their record already in addition to the most recent one will face longer jail sentences, heavier fines and more community service hours. Jail sentence periods vary on the number of violations a person has. For example, a first time DUI offender will face between 5 days and 1 year with up to $1000 in fines and between 48 and 96 hours of community service. Jail may be waived on a first offense if an alcohol treatment program is completed. The more DUI convictions, the more severe the consequences.

The best way to avoid this kind of headache is to make the right decision and only drive when you’re in a sober state. If you or a loved one has been charged with a DUI in Colorado, the first thing you should consider is contacting an experienced DUI attorney. You deserve to have your rights protected and all of your options explained. The Colorado Springs DUI lawyers at The Bussey Law Firm, P.C. are up to date on all current DUI laws and have handled a wide variety of DUI cases in Colorado. Call us today at (719) 475-2555 for your free and confidential consultation.

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