Data from Katie’s Law Identifies Suspects in 40 Old Cases in Colorado

The Colorado Connection reports that the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) recently released data in regards to “Katie’s Law,” a law that was passed in late September 2010 in Colorado.

“Katie’s Law,” which is named after a 23-year-old girl who was murdered in 2003 in New Mexico, makes it mandatory for all adults who are arrested for felonies to give a sample of their DNA to police. Before the law was passed, only people who were convicted of a felony were required to provide authorities with a DNA sample. Since the law went into effect in Colorado four months ago, suspects in 40 older cases, 10 of which were in Colorado Springs, have been identified, according to the CBI. Almost 10,000 samples have been processed since the passage of the law. These samples identified suspects in old cases for 15 burglaries, 14 other property crimes, nine sexual assaults, and two robberies. Over 15,000 samples have been collected by officials since September, which means many samples still need to be processed.

To collect DNA, law enforcement officials take a swab of the inside of a suspect’s cheek. The CBI collects the DNA samples and processes the DNA profiles once charges are filed against a suspect. Then, the DNA is run through a data system to be evaluated with DNA taken from crime scenes across the state. The cost of the DNA testing materials and its processing is $2.50. Only those who are found guilty of their offense, traffic infractions included, are charged with the processing fee.

About half the states in the U.S. have passed some variation of Katie’s Law. Twelve states that have passed the law require anyone arrested for a felony to submit DNA, as is the case in Colorado. The other states require arrestees to submit their DNA for certain felony crimes.

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