Decade Old Aurora Rape Case Reopened by Arapahoe Judge

An almost 10-year-old sexual assault case has resurfaced after an Arapahoe County District Court Judge agreed to assign a special prosecutor to file charges against the accused. According to an article, the incident in question occurred at a high school graduation party in 2000. Allegedly, a young woman claims that two of her classmates had intercourse with her without consent being given. Reportedly, the young woman had been drinking the night of the alleged incident. There was no mention of whether or not the two men accused of the act were also consuming alcohol the night of the party.

Initially, the woman did not want to testify against the young men, rendering prosecutors unable to file criminal charges against the men. However, after one of the two men was investigated for his connection to an alleged Colorado University incident of rape in 2004, the woman asked the Arapahoe County District Attorney’s Office to reconsider filing charges in her case. The D.A.’s office declined to reconsider, citing the long amount of time that had passed since the incident as to why charges would not be pursued. The woman again sought filing charges in 2007, and, after an initial refusal to do so, was granted her request.

Sex crimes often involve complicated legal issues in which it is normal for a person accused of such an offense to feel overwhelmed and even confused regarding their rights. In the above mentioned case, it is vital that details critical to the timeline have not been forgotten, and that any physical evidence collected is still valid and may be used during trial proceedings. For any individual accused of committing a sex crime in Colorado, time plays a vital factor. Regardless though, the best way to combat such charges is to retain the services of an experienced Colorado Springs sex crime defense attorney that will examine every detail of an arrest to ensure that the rights of the accused are not infringed upon.

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