Denver Police to Review Crime Database Editing Problems

The Denver police recently announced that they will review their computer database’s functioning, after it was revealed that information gathered in the early stages of a police investigation – including eyewitness descriptions of possible culprits – might be erased or overwritten by information put in later, according to a recent news article in the Denver Post.computer_853988.jpg

Currently, the database allows information to be revised or added only in certain parts of a police report or electronic case file. In other sections, information cannot be changed at all, or it has to be overwritten completely, destroying any information that originally appeared in that section. Although officers are trained to make careful notes of any changes they make in a file, the agency admits that it is far too easy for information to simply disappear, with no record of where it went or what it originally said.

Although there is no evidence that officers are deleting or changing information deliberately, the computer system is set up in a way that makes it easy for early information to get lost. This means that crucial facts, including facts that might indicate a defendant’s innocence, can disappear without a trace, increasing the risk of wrongful convictions or other mistakes at trial.

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