DUI Checkpoints to Be Held Labor Day Weekend

According to thecherrycreeknews.com, a crash scene involving a passenger car and a motorcycle was recreated for the benefit or warning motorists of the dangers associated with driving under the influence. Put on by members of the Pikes Peak Region DUI Task Force, the event marks the kickoff of the national DUI crackdown amongst motorists, particularly throughout the remaining days of summer.

According to Colorado Springs Police Department Sergeant Craig Simpson, “The Pikes Peak Region DUI Task force is committed to saving lives by using all available resources to keep drunk drivers off our highways, roads and streets. Impaired driving is a crime that has devastating impacts for the perpetrator and the victim. As the final days of summer come to a close, we hope everyone will make the right choice to designate a sober driver if they plan on drinking.” Law enforcement agencies in Colorado plan on increasing the number of active patrols who are on the lookout for impaired drivers, as well as conduct numerous saturation patrols throughout the DUI crackdown period, particularly Labor Day weekend.

Saturation patrols and DUI checkpoints are effective means of helping curb the driving while under the influence problem, but must be properly conducted in order to ensure that innocent motorists are not accused of and arrested for driving under the influence.

Tests administered can be flawed, and the extensive amount of prerequisite training required by officers conducting these checkpoints must be fully understood and properly put into use in order to correctly identify those who are in fact driving while under the influence. In any event, mistakes can happen, and innocent motorists can be deemed to face significant charges that can seriously impact their well-being.

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