DUI Court Proposed in Denver

The criminal justice community in Denver has proposed to open a DUI court in April that would send repeat offenders to intensive treatment rather than jail, reports The Denver Post.

The concept of the court is comparable to many other treatment courts in the state, and has the support of public defenders and prosecutors, as well as advocacy groups and crime commission leaders in the city. Under the proposed system, a driver caught intoxicated three times, or second-time DUI offenders with a high blood alcohol level (BAC), would qualify for the treatment. The program is projected to be in-depth treatment for addiction with close court supervision for 19 months, begun during a mandatory, but short, jail sentence. When the offender is released, they would be required to meet twice a month with a group that would potentially include treatment counselors, probation officers, a judge, and attorneys.

Since March, Denver County Court officials along with others have raised about a half million dollars in grants for a new county court martial to run the proposed court and new probation officers. The court aims to take on about 200 offenders annually, which would save over $850,000 on expenses of jail beds and other courts.

However, issues have arisen regarding the details about how the court would be run, who would pay for the court, and what role public attorneys would have and the proposed Denver DUI court is under debate.

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